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Spot Touch-Up

When you need just one or two panels to be scratch free.




Full Car

We give your car a head to toe once over.




Full Truck

You’re full sized truck will be looking great.





Restore you headlights to look great and be safe.

Single $25, Both $40

Make a single door or a complete vehicle look great.

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So how do we do it?

The Sprayless Scratch Repair System

James standingCheckered Auto Paint’s purpose is to outshine the competition while advancing green business practices within the auto retail industry.

Checkered Auto Paint & Scratch Fix utilizes a patented, environmentally friendly automotive (vehicular) paint scratch repair system for cosmetic restoration of auto body paint due to chipping, scratching or non-dented surfaces where paint scratch scarring occurs. This Sprayless Scratch Repair system (hereafter referred to as SSR) is a sprayless, environmentally friendly automotive and vehicle paint restoration and scratch repair system that is quick and easy to apply without the use of toxic spray techniques or other harmful and inferior systems currently in use in today’s auto body retouching industry.

Green, and yet matches any paint.

This far superior “green” product, with its fast three-step mobile repair system, is a breath of fresh air for the automotive resale industry. It outperforms any touch-up product on the market.

SSR technicians now have an unfair advantage over traditional auto body paint and touch-up professionals.

The first impression is always the most important.  How pristine the paint appears is directly proportionate to the perceived value of the car and how well it has been cared for and it’s potential (resale) value.

SSR will add unrivaled value to the car.